Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Video Challenge: Printing procedure

Challenge overview: This is an introductory lesson to shooting and editing video. I wanted to develop a project that taught the basics of composition, the six-shot system and video editing in FCPX.

Level: Beginning video students.

  1. Students will follow and execute the video storytelling process.
  2. Students will implement the six-shot system.
  3. Students will edit a sequence.
  4. Students will use shortcut keys in FCPX.
Frontloading: This presentation taught the basics of composition, the rule-of-thirds, and the six-shot system.
Here is the "creative brief" we are providing with students as the instructions/parameters of the assignment:
Client: Anne Teak - ONW Language Arts teacher Job name: ONW computer procedures
Target audience: Incoming ONW freshmen.

Description: The goal of this project is to produce a video that demonstrates how to create a document and send it to the printer, implementing the 6-shot system and 180 degree rule. We will deliver a sequence with a beginning, middle and end. The music will fit ONW’s professional culture. Specifications for production and delivery: The video will be exactly 30 seconds long. It will be exported as an Apple Devices 720p file, placed in the Challenge #1 folder in Google Classroom, and uploaded to the student’s YouTube channel.
This project will be completed by: August 27th. Competitor samples:


Student work from this challenge:

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