Friday, April 27, 2012

Missouri's 4-Verts Concept

The University of Missouri's Offensive Coordinator David Yost recently spoke at a coaching clinic about their 4-Vertical concept. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the clinic, but our head coach got a copy of his presentation.

There is some good stuff below, especially some creative ways to run 4-Verts out of Empty sets (Essentially FIVE-Verts).

2x2 4-Verts:

3x1 4-Verts

2x2 "Swap":

3x1 "Cross":

Empty 5-Verts:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

OU "Drive" Concept

Our staff attended the football coaching clinic at the University of Oklahoma this weekend. Thursday night, Coach Jay Norvell spoke about their crossing concepts. He talked through their Mesh and Shallow concepts, and showed a ton of cut-ups.

One new (for me at least) play that he showed was the "Drive" concept out of Trips. It is basically Trips Right H-Shallow - but with one difference: The RB checks his pass pro to the left, then goes through the OL and meshes with H.

The QB reads it: 1. H - Drive (Coach called this route "Drive"), 2. Y-Dig, 3. RB "Burst" (essentially Mesh). This is just a triangle read for the QB - they do not have him look deep.

It looks very close to Franklin's "Pyramid" concept where two receivers mesh, and there is a Dig over the top of it.

This really becomes a nice blend of Mesh, Shallow and Pyramid. They also ran it out of Bunch.

We noticed that this must be a big 1st down call for them - the RB never had to stay in and help protect.

We have our Y and X mesh when we run normal Mesh. Would this concept work if Y and the RB meshed, and H ran the dig behind it?

Does anyone run something similar to this concept?