Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cool video: Diving sequence

I wanted to share a great video that one of my sophomore A/V students created for her final exam.

This is a story about a champion gymnast who took her skills to the diving team this year.

I love this story because she has great sequencing throughout the video, but especially at the start:

Over-the-should shot
CU of her feet climbing the ladder
Another CU of feet
CU of feet
The jump itself 

She did a really nice job of filming from the same spot (maintaining the 180 degree rule), while making it look like it was one continuous dive. You can't really tell that she filmed several dives to get the footage.

The only thing I wish this sequence had was a close-up of her face as she prepared to jump. That would have added more emotion to the sequence.

See my previous post about "Advanced Video Sequencing" to learn more about sequencing.

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