Saturday, February 22, 2014

Backpack journalism workshop: Day #3

Screening the rough cut of my documentary.
This is the third day of the Bill Gentile backpack journalism workshop. Today will be spent editing my project.

Let's get started.

Write your script for a 12-year-old. They should be short, simple sentences.

Use the two-column script format. The video/visuals are on the left, and the audio is on the right. I wanted to resist this at first and write my script like an academic paper with big works and complex sentences. Once I simplified things in my script it worked much better.

Make picture stories. Write your words to compliment the pictures. Turn the sound off and see if the pictures tell the story.

How to set up a "platform" - the place where all of your fans can reach you. 

  • Use Google Hangouts to live broadcast events. Your video is saved to YouTube.
  • Platform - website, blog, Facebook... any place where your friends can find you.
  • Should have accounts with all of the top social media platforms (YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc...)
  • You want everyone to be able to communicate with you - so people can find you. Give people ways to get in touch with you (e-mail, address, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Build your e-mail list through your website. Have a place on your website for people to sign up for your e-mail address. 
  • We all get the same window. Everyone has the same window to release information (You, NBC, Coke, etc...) all have the same platforms available to find you.
  • Connect with your audience and Google will reward you for it. 
  • YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms. 
  • Respond to comments left on YouTube/Blog. This builds your community. (Note: I need to be better about this on my blog!)
  • The gatekeepers to broadcasting, publishing, marketing, etc... have all fallen. Anyone can push out their own information. YouTube is your broadcast platform.

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