Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Installing the R4 System

Coaches: This is the post that you will hope other coaches in your league DON'T read.

Almost four years ago, I came across the R4 Expert System. In short, it is an "operating system" for your offense; it helps guide your quarterback in his decision-making process before AND after the snap. 

The R4 system is a game-changer for the passing game. Once we implemented the system, we began to see immediate results. Our quarterbacks became more confident, which improved their accuracy and decision-making immensely. No matter what offensive system you run, the R4 system will instantly improve your offensive production.

Check out a great Q&A article with Coach Maddox about the R4 system here.

This spring, I put together an install cut-up that highlights the different types of throws in the R4 system: Rhythm, Read, Rush and Release. Check it out, and hope that your opponents don't:

Oh Snap!

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  1. Logged on to look at Macbeth stuff but here I am.

    I call offensive plays for the JV and am a position coach. I introduced R4 to our staff last year during the winter. We had a new OC. He was not new to the staff but new as OC. I gave him the book last year, but he could only take in so much due to all of the blocking scheme changes he wanted to make.

    We have bought into the cap. We don't teach it real well, IMO. My challenge is that our OC doesn't really get, or maybe trust, the route structuring. He assumes the QB will just go deep all the time if that is an option. Thus, we still end up with either the "take a shot" or "take a peek" mentality rather than having a vertical threat in our patterns. I thought that we had it fixed until our first offensive meeting.

    Any idea on how to help the coach see how small changes could allow the big play to be an option more often without taking big risks? Whatever I share with him has to be brief and to the point with something to him to be able to refer back to after our conversation.

    Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

  2. Coach James: It can be a bit scary. You have to trust your QB and rep, rep, rep it. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but when we went with the cap/uncapped principle - our big play numbers went up exponentially. Before, we just dinked and dunked it down the field. Now, we are a vertical threat and we get multiple 20+ yard plays every game.

    One addition that Coach Maddox made this year was to give the coaches the option to elevate the rush route to the first option. The rush can be thrown at any time. So if you want to get a completion or a first down, come up with a word like "Hot" to tell the QB to treat your rush route like a rhythm and look there first, then go to his read. We are going to try it, especially in the red zone or when we need to build confidence in our QB.

    I hope that helps. Please ask any other questions you have. I would be glad to help!

  3. Coach, this is a nice presentation.