Thursday, January 17, 2013

Need to move the chains? Call Y-Stick.

"3rd & Short? How about Y-Stick?"
What is your go-to play call in 3rd and short situations?

What play do you dial-up when your offense has gone stagnant and you need to build confidence in your players?

In both of these instances, we turn to one of the most basic plays in our arsenal: Y-Stick.

While this is not a huge TD-generating play for us, it is a play we can rely on when we need to move the chains. It is our old-reliable play; one that our players can execute even in their sleep. Over the past two seasons, we have completed Y-Stick 70% of the time, while averaging 10-yards per completion.

QB Reads: Our QB must count numbers to both sides and make a decision pre-snap which way he is going to work: either the hitch to the single receiver, or the Stick/Flat/Vertical concept to the trips side.

The QB will first look to the single receiver side. If he sees 1-on-1 coverage, then we tell him to take the easy money on the hitch with the single receiver. He must throw the receiver open away from the defense, usually to the sideline. This is simply our "Settle & Noose" drill in action.

If the QB sees 3-on-2 to to trips side, he knows that we have the defense outnumbered to the trips side. It then becomes a simple read of the overhang player. If he jumps the stick, throw the flat. If he runs with the flat, throw to the stick. Very simple.

The QB must also be alert for Cover 2. If the corner squats on the flat route, then the QB should be ready to throw over to top into the "hole" of Cover 2.
Throw me open!

Stick Route:
We constantly preach to our players that our offense is simply playing basketball on grass. The stick route is a perfect example of that concept. Our Y-receiver will push vertical for five yards, and turn inside looking for the ball. He will the "post-up" like a center in basketball. The QB should look to throw him open, also just like our "Settle & Noose" drill. 
Here is a cut-up demonstrating each of the throws in our Y-Stick concept:

Oh Snap!

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  1. Do you guys ever run Stick from a 2x2 formation?

  2. No, we don't. We do run it from a 2-back set with the RB swinging to the 2 receiver side.

  3. I would argue stick is the best play in football. We ran it in similar situations with very similar success to the numbers you had as well.

    We have also combined the stick with a snag-flat combo to the single WR side to give us more of an option to that side. Stole it from Southern Oregon University.

  4. i like this game! i play nba games on r4 dslite console.Y-Stick sounds great!