Friday, December 30, 2011

Packaging Plays: The Double Screen

One trend that is beginning to take over football is packaging two plays together. Chris Brown analyzed this in his article "Combining quick passes and a shovel pass or shovel screen."

This year, our most effective screen play was a combination of a Crack Swing to our RB, and a Jailbreak Screen to a WR on the other side. We ran the jailbreak to every receiver out of Doubles and Trips. It is a simple read for the QB, and it is a very high percentage pass to either side.

The rules for our offensive line stayed exactly the same no matter which way we ran the jailbreak.

Here are the rules followed by cut-ups from this season:

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  1. Great entry, Coach. I love the double screen concept. In the past, I have had success running this out of 11 personnel, with a change-up that was lethal to defenses. After hitting the double several weeks consecutively, we installed the Triple Screen. On the Triple, he RB flare screen was run to the TE side, with the TE releasing only halfway toward the CB, to give the appearance of the kick-out block. The jailbreak aspect went to the opposite side as you do it. The QB would fake each throw (RB and WR). The TE then slides back to the middle of the LOS, and the QB dumped it to him with the Guard and Tackle leading up for him. With the defense scrambling toward the sidelines to defend each screen, there was a lot of green grass between the hashes for the TE to rumble.

    On a different note, what software do you use to diagram your plays? I like the way you have things drawn up.